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TGE was organized to fill a gap in the type and quality of resources available to the transgendered community on the world wide web. Unlike some other sites, we're not a commercial enterprise, nor are we a political action group trying to change the world, although we do offer resource information about such groups and encourage those that are interested to become involved in the issues. What we are is a peer based support organization of transgendered people who came together with the idea of helping other transgendered people, TG to TG, whether in our local community or through our outreach in internet based chat.

The subject of trangenderism itself is a diverse one, just as people in general are, and we openly encourage the most diverse participation possible. Our goal is to help brothers and sisters in the gender community worldwide to explore their individual gender experience in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. Whether you concider yourself as TG, CD, TV, TS, or somewhere in between, we are all transgendered, and by bringing TG people of every persuasion together as peers, we can all find a friend or two to relate to, share experiences with, and help one another. And that, is what peer support & TGE is all about!

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